Friday, December 30, 2011

牛津詞典 (Oxford Dictionaries) 最近的新詞:之九 (系列完)

我是線上《牛津詞典》專業版 (Oxford Dictionaries Pro) 的訂戶,最近注意到網站發布了最新一季的新詞。這一季的新詞共有 45 個,我分批介紹,並加註了自己的翻譯和眉批,附上詞典所提供的例句一條和詞源 (若有),以饗格友。

前八批 (之一~之八) 介紹了按字母順序的頭 40 個,這次介紹最後一批的 5 個。請注意,這裡的《牛津詞典》不是史上最大的《牛津英語詞典》(The Oxford English Dictionary),而是以《英語牛津詞典》(Oxford Dictionary of English) 為骨幹,兼納《新牛津美國詞典》(New Oxford American Dictionary) 數位化而成。名字過份類似,的確令人混淆。

41. tour de stade /ˈto͝or də ˈstäd, -ˈstad/ (在體育場) 跑階梯 noun (plural tours de stade pronunc. same or /ˈto͝orz/)
定義:an exercise session in which a person runs up and down every section of steps in a stadium.
例句:I'll have to do many "tours de stade" to burn it all off!
詞源:French, literally 'tour of the stadium'

42. traceur /ˈtreɪsə, traˈsəː/ 跑酷運動者 noun
定義:a person who takes part in the activity of parkour or free running.
例句:Railings, walls, stairs, benches, bollards, and concrete structures are all there to be conquered, say the traceurs.
詞源:early 21st century: French, literally 'tracer'

43. WAHM 在家工作的媽媽 abbreviation
定義:work-at-home mom (or mother).
例句:Thus, I became a WAHM (work-at-home mom) and though the WAHM gig has been the most challenging thing I have ever done, it has been the most worth it.

44. wild swimming 野外游泳 noun [mass noun]
定義:the practice or activity of swimming for pleasure in natural waters, typically rivers and lakes.
例句:There's something exhilarating about wild swimming that makes the skin tingle, blows away the cobwebs and cleanses right to the very core.

45. 2.0 /tuː pɔɪnt ˈəʊ/ 二點零的 adjective [postpositive]
定義:used to denote a superior or more advanced version of an original concept, product, service , etc.
例句:Welcome to Big Government 2.0.
詞源:early 21st century: from WEB 2.0

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