Tuesday, December 20, 2011

牛津詞典 (Oxford Dictionaries) 最近的新詞:之四

我是線上《牛津詞典》專業版 (Oxford Dictionaries Pro) 的訂戶,最近注意到網站發布了最新一季的新詞。這一季的新詞共有 45 個,我分批介紹,並加註了自己的翻譯和眉批,附上詞典所提供的例句一條和詞源 (若有),以饗格友。

前三批 (之一、之二、之三) 介紹了按字母順序的頭 15 個,這次介紹第四批再次的 5 個。請注意,這裡的《牛津詞典》不是史上最大的《牛津英語詞典》(The Oxford English Dictionary),而是以《英語牛津詞典》(Oxford Dictionary of English) 為骨幹,兼納《新牛津美國詞典》(New Oxford American Dictionary) 數位化而成。名字過份類似,的確令人混淆。

16. eco-fashion /ˈi:kəʊˌfaʃ(ə)n/ 生態時尚 noun [mass noun]
定義:clothing and other goods produced by methods that are not harmful to the environment, e.g. using materials that have been recycled or that have been grown without the use of pesticides.
例句:[as modifier] Her collection combines ethical concerns with beautifully structured pieces and is garnering plaudits from fashion insiders and eco-fashion enthusiasts.

17. electronic signature 電子簽名 noun Computing
定義:symbols or other data in digital form attached to an electronically transmitted document as verification of the sender's intent to sign the document.
例句:The new rules will make electronic signatures acceptable and speed up the application process.

18. exploding offer (對求職者的) 限時回覆 noun
定義:a job offer that is retracted if not accepted within a very short period of time.
例句:They can't get first-rate students unless they use pressure tactics like exploding offers.

19. feed-in tariff (對自行發電者政府所給的) 回饋金 noun chiefly British
定義:a payment made to households or businesses generating their own electricity through the use of methods that do not contribute to the depletion of natural resources, proportional to the amount of power generated.
例句:Under the German system of "feed-in tariffs", anyone generating electricity from solar panels, wind or hydro is guaranteed a payment of four times the market rate for 20 years.

20. fish pedicure 溫泉魚療 noun
定義:a cosmetic treatment in which one places one's feet in a tank containing small fish which nibble away dead or calloused skin on the feet.
例句:Apparently, fish pedicures are the latest rage.

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