Wednesday, May 16, 2012


以下是禮拜一字彙大賽的題目,50 題皆為單選題,考生要在 4 個選項中,選出與題首單字語義最接近者。



1. aegis A. protection and support B. long time C. dullness D. simplicity
2. appellation A. horror B. peace-making C. rock-forming D. name
3. bacchanal A. ordinary B. secret C. insane D. wild celebration
4. bilious A. alcohol-drinking B. bad-tempered C. shameful D. dual
5. calumny A. beauty B. slander C. heat production D. long line
6. concomitant A. sharing B. regretful C. happening together D. sacred
7. debauchery A. censorship B. emptiness C. immoral behavior D. lowering
8. dilettante A. amateur B. happy C. intelligent D. difficult to please
9. éclat A. noise B. praise C. middle way D. official statement
10. enigmatic A. full of energy B. self-centered C. mysterious D. cooperative
11. extempore A. curse B. impromptu C. pause D. belated
12. fallacious A. wrong B. declining C. made-up D. very shocking
13. frenetic A. fast and disorganized B. welcoming C. brotherly D. extreme
14. germane A. harmful B. relevant C. strict D. law-abiding
15. halcyon A. rough and harsh B. ill-advised C. peaceful and happy D. goodwill
16. hegemony A. monstrosity B. religious ritual C. hairiness D. domination
17. ignominious A. popular B. base C. unknowing D. humiliating
18. incipient A. letting go B. headless C. just beginning D. hidden
19. iridescent A. bursting into anger B. colorful C. growing old D. inappropriate
20. juxtaposition A. putting together B. balance C. fair treatment D. legal action
21. lactation A. milk production B. gap C. decoration D. without enthusiasm
22. licentious A. sexually immoral B. certified C. honorable D. allowable
23. malleable A. attractive B. powerful C. easily influenced D. under full control
24. maverick A. expert B. pale purple C. lone wolf D. holiness
25. minion A. scarcity B. constraint C. useless object D. servant
26. mutable A. silent B. two-way C. handicapped D. inconstant
27. nominal A. electoral B. insignificant C. academic D. relating to rules
28. nullify A. invalidate B. renovate C. ghostly D. priestly
29. olfactory connected with A. industry B. oil C. the sense of smell D. purchase
30. overweening A. microscopic B. arrogant C. far-reaching D. abundant
31. pejorative A. getting smaller B. unimportant C. existent D. showing disapproval
32. precipitous A. steep and abrupt B. suspenseful C. stubborn D. properly dressed
33. purport A. claim B. behave C. enjoy D. carry with effort
34. quirk A. tiny particle B. peculiarity C. sudden movement D. failure
35. rejoinder A. home-coming B. youth C. controversy D. reply
36. sobriety A. sanitation B. inner city C. not being drunk D. solid state
37. sartorial relating to A. knives B. beverages C. clothes D. wine-making
38. soporific A. causing sleep B. record-breaking C. monetary D. cleansing
39. sycophant A. figure of speech B. shortening C. backwardness D. flatterer
40. taciturn A. dark B. speaking very little C. revolutionary D. equally true
41. tortuous A. conservative B. rich and powerful C. complicated D. painful
42. tyro A. novice B. printing mistake C. root plant D. magnate
43. urbane A. evil B. polite C. cosmopolitan D. highbrow
44. verbose A. root sugar B. wordy C. mobile D. sincere
45. waiver A. homeless child B. hesitation C. seamstress D. giving up
46. winsome A. prospective B. delicious C. charming D. honest
47. yen A. long journey B. gentleman C. strong desire D. conquest
48. precept A. principle B. sense C. teaching D. opportunity
49. compendious A. reasonable B. comprehensive C. necessary D. roomy
50. bon mot A. enjoyment B. elegance C. exact copy D. clever remark

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