Monday, April 09, 2012

Oxford Dictionaries Online 二月發佈的新詞 (之五)

Oxford Dictionaries Online《線上牛津詞典》二月底公布了一批新詞,數量有 30 個。由於我是訂戶,能夠看到更為詳盡的資料,因此把它整理出來,並採取了詞典學 (lexicography) 上類似 "半雙解" (semi-bilingual) 的作法,只提供詞目 (headword) 的翻譯對應詞 (translation equivalent),在此分批貼出。

這些翻譯對應詞,都是我參考現有資料、自己斟酌推敲的。一己之管見,難免失準,若有高見,歡迎賜教。以下是第五批的 5 個新詞。


21. scratchiti /skraˈtʃiːti/
n. graffiti that is scratched or etched into a wall or other surface in a public place, rather than drawn or sprayed on 刮痕塗鴉: a Plexiglas window covered with scratchiti [詞源 < 1990s: 由 scratch 與 graffiti 混成]

22. shootie /ˈʃuːti /
n. a woman's ankle-high bootlike shoe 踝靴: Wear your legging-and-blazer outfit with "shooties" or boots to complete the look. [詞源 < late 19th century: 由 shoe 與 bootie 混成]

23. sleep hygiene
n. habits and practices that are conducive to sleeping well on a regular basis 睡眠衛生: Sleep hygiene is the key to sweet dreams.

24. slurb /slərb/ n. an area of unplanned, poorly constructed suburban development
市郊違建區: Many visitors leave with the image of the region being a land of sprawling slurbs jammed with millions of people. [詞源 < 1960s: 由表 "髒亂、令人不愉快" 的 sl- (如 sloppy、sleazy 等,或 slum) 與 suburb 混成]

25. smart home n. a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer 智慧家庭: You can contact your smart home on the Internet to make sure the dinner is cooked, the central heating is on, the curtains are drawn, and a gas fire is roaring in the grate when you get home.

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