Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oxford Dictionaries Online 二月發佈的新詞 (之四)

Oxford Dictionaries Online《線上牛津詞典》二月底剛公布了一批新詞,數量有 30 個。由於我是訂戶,能夠看到更為詳盡的資料,因此把它整理出來,並採取了詞典學 (lexicography) 上類似 "半雙解" (semi-bilingual) 的作法,只提供詞目 (headword) 的翻譯對應詞 (translation equivalent),在此分批貼出。

這些翻譯對應詞,都是我參考現有資料、自己斟酌推敲的。一己之管見,難免失準,若有高見,歡迎賜教。以下是第四批的 5 個新詞。

16. megadairy /ˈmɛgədɛːri/ n. a very large-scale commercial dairy farm, typically housing thousands of cows in indoor facilities 特大乳牛場: a megadairy with 93,000 acres of land and 16,000 dairy cows

17. NEAT /niːt/
abbr. non-exercise activity thermogenesis (the energy expended during normal daily activity rather than through an exercise program) 生熱作用: The researchers have termed this type of movement NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) and estimate that it zaps an additional 300 to 800 calories a day.

18. opinionize /əˈpɪnjənʌɪz/ vi. (usually as noun opinionizing) express one's opinion about something, typically in an assertive or dogmatic way 發表高論: The introduction acts as a helpful corrective to his not infrequently violent opinionizing.

19. rewild /riːˈwʌɪld/ vt. restore (an area of land) to its natural uncultivated state (used especially with reference to the reintroduction of species of wild animal that have been driven out or exterminated) 復育: Talk of rewilding North America gives some people nightmares of wolves running through the streets of Chicago and of grizzlies in LA.

20. schwag /ʃwag/ n. [mass noun] informal, chiefly US products given away free, typically for promotional purposes 促銷贈品: I'll be showing you the best of the schwag I get my hands on each day.

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