Monday, September 12, 2011

"走光" 的英文是 wardrobe malfunction

最近我注意到,網路上有人在討論 "走光" 的英文該怎麼說。事實上,美國的流行音樂天后珍娜‧傑克遜 (Janet Jackson) 極有可能是現代走光事件的始作俑者。

我還記得 2004 年年初,珍娜‧傑克遜在美國超級杯 (Super Bowl) 美式足球的中場休息時間現身表演,最後一段與目前當紅的賈斯汀同台。賈斯汀唱著挑逗性的歌曲,對珍娜做出挑逗性的動作,最後竟然把珍娜的上衣扒掉一部份,讓她在收看電視直播的觀眾面前裸露乳房,造成輿情譁然。賈斯汀後來公開道歉,說那是場意外,本來排練得好好的,想不到後來正式表演時卻發生了 "服裝故障" (wardrobe malfunction)。

不管社會大眾相不相信賈斯汀的說法,這個 wardrobe malfunction 就在轟動之後留存了下來,相當於中文的 "走光" (走漏春光?)。《英語牛津詞典》(Oxford Dictionary of English) 第 3 版 (2010) 也已經收錄了這個詞組,詞性是名詞,語體為口語,定義如下:

an instance of a person accidentally exposing an intimate part of their body as a result of an article of clothing slipping out of position.


In the wake of Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction," the FCC received 500,000 complaints.

Oxford Dictionary of English 的網路版,還多收了 19 條例句,有興趣的朋友不妨逐條瀏覽一下:

(1) Luckily, there were no wardrobe malfunctions to speak of.
(2) A media incident crosses a new line - wardrobe malfunction, real-life copycat incident, desperate housewife.
(3) Then there's her infamous 'wardrobe malfunction' at the Super Bowl half-time ceremony.
(4) One daughter is a star prone to wardrobe malfunctions, caught on lots of cameras.
(5) More people replayed Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl than any other event in television history.
(6) The spur was the "wardrobe malfunction" that exposed Janet Jackson's right breast during the Superbowl half-time show.
(7) The anticipation of another wardrobe malfunction must have been the only thing keeping the interest of the press.
(8) Oh and yes, there was a wardrobe malfunction.
(9) What does get me about the Superbowl halftime show is CBS insisting it was an accident, calling it a "wardrobe malfunction."
(10) Congress has held hearings on Howard Stern and "wardrobe malfunctions" at the Superbowl.
(11) Remember during the famous areola flash of Janet Jackson, the wardrobe malfunction?
(12) I guess we'll know whom to question if another big sporting event is plagued by a wardrobe malfunction.
(13) A double-barreled wardrobe malfunction by an enthusiastic Holly Gagnier.
(14) Melissa Gilbert also has what is now referred to as a "wardrobe malfunction," but I doubt any teenage boys would be interested.
(15) I was just hoping for no wardrobe malfunction if you know what I'm saying.
(16) An excited Brad Pitt made the ultimate wardrobe malfunction after stepping out onto the red carpet with his flies undone.
(17) Also ahead tonight, the justices and Janet Jackson the Supreme Court actually weighing in on remember that wardrobe malfunction? [按:此句似乎有問題]
(18) McCartney promised that he would not be suffering a "wardrobe malfunction" this year, mainly because he said he plans to do the concert naked.
(19) Myth has it that the flesh-baring aspect of burlesque really took off when a female performer suffered a Janet Jackson-style wardrobe malfunction, snapped a strap and exposed a bare shoulder.

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