Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 年英文系─語國一方英文字彙比賽 (非英文系組)

答題說明:以下 50 題皆為單選題,請在 4 個選項中,選出與題首單字語意最接近者。題上作答,請將答案寫於題目左邊之空白處。每題 2 分,答錯倒扣 0.5 分。

1. inclination A. tendency B. denial C. mountaineering D. drawing
2. accentuate A. agree B. move up C. distinguish D. emphasize
3. albeit A. white matter B. together C. although D. sea bird
4. boycott A. grow up B. partake C. stop buying D. fall in love
5. intrinsic A. naïve B. inherent C. non-flammable D. impossible
6. cringe A. hook B. shout C. shed tears D. feel embarrassed
7. adjacent A. throwing B. neighboring C. modified D. satisfied
8. decorum A. propriety B. beauty C. emptiness D. loneliness
9. integrity A. misunderstanding B. honesty C. wrongdoing D. insistence
10. eclectic A. strange B. diverse C. reading aloud D. complicated
11. levy A. blue jeans B. fight C. tax D. flat surface
12. fallacy A. misconception B. precipitation C. ugliness D. politeness
13. protocol A. basic particle B. advancement C. agreement D. nutrient
14. guru A. authority B. sticky substance C. seedling D. monster
15. erosion A. outburst B. gradual loss C. sexuality D. upright position
16. heritage A. living alone B. income C. tradition D. resource
17. impertinent A. extremely important B. humble C. irrelevant D. awkward
18. clandestine A. huge B. equipped C. abundant D. secret
19. contradiction A. legacy B. disagreement C. focus D. wrong wording
20. jovial A. traveling B. moving violently C. cheerful D. well-connected
21. distort A. change B. reply C. blackmail D. show off
22. subordinate A. undercover B. less important C. frontier D. indulgence
23. aggregate A. invasive B. major scandal C. side entrance D. total
24. initiative A. unfair B. plan C. below average D. travel route
25. labyrinth A. colorful bug B. research C. maze D. rain god
26. subsidiary A. secondary B. monetary C. daily D. getting weaker
27. mutation A. quietude B. removal C. rotting D. change
28. entity A. cleanliness B. being C. name D. privilege
29. allocation A. amount B. different place C. permission D. transfer
30. empirical A. royal B. buying C. scientifically tested D. energy-reducing
31. concurrent A. rocking B. immense C. victorious D. simultaneous
32. accumulation A. achievement B. gathering C. decisiveness D. reception
33. thesis A. research paper B. God's nature C. definite D. definition
34. commodity A. housing B. basic feature C. goods D. chest of drawers
35. nocturnal A. straight ahead B. melodious C. spring season D. active at night
36. protagonist A. sufferer B. main character C. unicorn D. primitive
37. quandary A. four-unit set B. 50th anniversary C. previous D. dilemma
38. repose A. storeroom B. regain C. comfortable rest D. quick and clever reply
39. induce A. calculate B. differentiate C. cause D. modernize
40. spectrum A. entire range B. telescope C. reflecting image D. expertise
41. depression A. letting go B. low area C. Italian coffee D. patient
42. toxin A. sleeplessness B. poisonous substance C. wasteland D. element
43. scenario A. movie industry B. fragrance C. possible situation D. master
44. trigger A. deceive B. flow in tiny amounts C. frighten D. cause to happen
45. unanimous A. fully in agreement B. lifeless C. single D. brave
46. vacillate A. empty out B. waver C. take leave D. immunize
47. wretched A. in-fighting B. rough-sounding C. miserable D. extensive
48. analogous A. pain-reducing B. speaking in turns C. tailless D. similar
49. mediate A. try to end quarrels B. give treatment C. centralize D. consider
50. reciprocal A. scolding B. beneficiary C. counterfeit D. mutual

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